Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 12:35:33 EDT
From: AAllan
Subject: Urgent: CBS News needs help for a spell

For a story on the National Spelling Bee, Jason Gabel of CBS News in New York

Are there statistics on spelling and misspelling (in English, of course)?
How much misspelling is there?
Which words are most often misspelled?

If you know of statistical studies on misspelling (not just anecdotes), he'd
be grateful for the information. He's doing the story tomorrow (Friday 22nd),
so he'd need the information today. I think it would be of interest if you'd
post the information to ADS-L, but please also send it to him at


(You could include your phone number if you care to make yourself available
for an interview.)

Thanks - Allan Metcalf