Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 15:38:01 +1000
From: Ross Chambers
Subject: Oz Catch Phrase in the making

The Australian Football League, practitioners of a very popular local
code which combines Rugby and Gaelic football, ran a TV campaign about
12 months ago which had sports "stars" like John McEnroe saying things
like "These guys call the ref names and get away with it? I'd like to
see that" The second sentence being a common format to each.

This appears to be becoming a catch phrase, often employed in "letters
to the editor" contexts.

>From a suburban newspaper:

"Hopefully the "blokey" image of SOCOG and other Olympic organisations
can be rectified before 2000!
Mr Richardson needs to have a mayoress appointed to "balance" the
Olympic village style.
I'd like to see that!"

Regards - Ross Chambers



Ross Chambers Sydney Australia

"L'Australia non e solo agli antipodi, e lontana da tutto,
talora anche da sa stessa."

(Australia is not only at the Antipodes, she is away from everything,
sometimes even from herself)

Umberto Eco