Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 10:30:28 EDT
From: RonButters
Subject: Re: Beijing /j/

In a message dated 5/13/98 8:26:51 AM, spaauw[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]RAD.NET.ID wrote:

<affricate "dj" in a number of Asian words/place names: besides
"Beizhing," I have often come across "mah zhong" and "Tazh Mahal." I
agree with those who have said this satisfies our need for foreign words
to "sound foreign.">>

I agree. But I'd like to add that (zh) is a rather marginal phoneme in
English, having virtually merged for many speakers with (dzh)--and pronounced
invariably (dzh). This adds to the sense of foreignness of (zh). I pronounce
with (zh) not (dzh), but I had to learn to do so in college. All my
brothers and their wives say (garadzh).