Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 10:44:08 CDT
From: Ellen Johnson
Subject: MISC

Thanks for the example of "go with" as a construction that is standard
in some regions and considered just plain bizarre in others. My
students know that Southernisms like "y'all" are considered
nonstandard in other contexts (in fact, I am having a hard time
convincing them that it IS standard in the South). But their
linguistic insecurity is such that they didn't realize other places
have comparable constructions (needs washed is another we discuss).
By the way, a Montana native says "go with" is the norm for her.

As for Southern Eng., the deletion of "to" in the example someone
cited sounds totally foreign to me. It is not a feature of So. Eng.
But been/bin/Ben are all the same to me.

ellen.johnson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]