Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 18:54:45 -0500
From: Mike Salovesh
Subject: Re: regional distribution?

Rima McKinzey wrote:

> My question, though, is how many of you sang (sing?) that with "take one
> down, pass it around..." and how many with "If one of those bottles should
> happen to fall, (number) bottles of beer on the wall"?

Let me submit family testimony from me and my wife. For us, in the
middle 1940's, Chicago environs, bottles fell. (Subjunctively, of
course.) I didn't hear the "take one down" version until the late
1960's. In the early 70's, my kids learned of the gravitic propensities
of containers of malt beverages in DeKalb, Illinois from their
gradeschool classmates . . . who apparently never thought of sharing
bottles or anything else much.
(In the line of drinkables, that is. Other substances, other customs.)

-- mike salovesh
anthropology department
northern illinois university PEACE !!!